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Luxe Landscapes & Wildlife LR/ACR Presets

Please note: ACR presets work in Adobe Camera Raw. They are not Photoshop actions. For those, shop our collection of Photoshop actions. 

Luxe Landscapes Lightroom or Photoshop ACR Presets

Luxe Landscapes provides a foundational mix of 44 presets and local adjustment brushes to enhance water, sun, sky, greenery, mountains, and plains. Effortlessly capture breathtaking photos of the natural world. 

About this collection:

Professional Lightroom landscape presets and Photoshop landscape actions


    36 Presets

    • Basic Landscape (Standard & Light) - A good starting point for all landscape images. Adds dynamic range, contrast, vibrance, and clarity.
    • B&W Dusk – High dynamic range black and white, matte overlay, slight grain, minor split toning, and significant clarity and contrast.
    • B&W Landscape - B&W preset with a strong HDR effect; Sharp and clear.
    • Bold Color Pop – Makes all of your colors pop!
    • Bright & Colorful – A good starting point for sunny and bright landscape images. Enhances basic panel and brightens a range of colors found in nature.
    • Bright Fade- A bright preset, with faded shadows and highlights.
    • Bright Sky – Enhances basic panel and brightens with sky with tonal curve, hue, and luminance.
    • Cinematic Landscape (Standard & Light) - Colorful, high dynamic range, high clarity, and a matte tone curve that softens the feel by clipping the shadows and highlights.
    • Dessert Mountains – High dynamic range, brightening, slight fade and grain, high vibrancy, saturated reds and oranges, muted greens, and blue/red split toning.
    • Dusk & Dawn - Powerful look for darker landscape images (i.e. dusk/dawn). Increases dynamic range, clarity, vibrancy, and adds an orange/violet split toning to enhance sky colors.
    • HDR Standard – Strong, detail-oriented HDR. Vivid colors and strong sharpening.
    • HDR Extreme – Maximum dynamic range and clarity; Vibrant and high contrast. Recommended for use with RAW images only.
    • HDR Matte - Increased dynamic range and low contrast; Adds a flattening tone curve and standard sharpening.
    • HDR Neutral- HDR neutral and natural look.
    • Martha's Vineyard  High dynamic range, warm colors, dark blacks, and very slight grain.
    • Neutral Greens (Standard & Light) - Saturated and colorful, with toned-down greens saturation.
    • Night Colorful -This preset is perfect for those night sky images. It brings out stars and night colors.
    • Night Dark Cool- An extra cool preset for night landscapes, not pushing the shadows as hard and adding some cool to the image.
    • Overcast - A cold and soft preset, great for cloudy or overcast weather. Increases dynamic range and adds cold color cast.
    • Simply Beautiful- This preset has lower contrast, more neutral look, but still enhances the dynamic range as well as color saturation.
    • Sunny Day (Standard & Light) - High saturation, warmth, and contrast.
    • Sunset Drama (Standard & Light) - Vibrant, with a strong pink / yellow split toning color cast.
    • Sunset Fire (Standard & Light) - Very strong effect, best suited for dark scenes. Adds fiery orange highlights and cold blue shadows, saturated blues and reds, high contrast, and a vignette.
    • Retro View (Standard & Light) - Old look, faded, desaturated, slight yellow / blue split toning, light grain, HDR.
    • Sunset Boulevard – Strong and color-filled enhancements, significant split toning, high dynamic range. Recommended for night and sunset photos only.
    • Sweet- Quite a different approach compared to the rest of the collection, Sweet has bright mid-tones and highlights, keeping shadows dark + added warmth to highlights, coolness to mid tones, and pink/magenta to shadows.
    • The Shire (Standard & Light) - Adds warmth and saturated reds. Best for bright, scenic views with lots of green grass and blue skies.
    • Yosemite  Cool, muted, washed look; cool shadows, high clarity, and slight grain.

    8 Tool Presets
    • Dynamic Range High
    • Dynamic Range Low
    • Enhance Blue Sky 
    • Enhance Blue Sky & Neutralize Greens 
    • Remove Grain 
    • Remove Lens Vignetting 
    • Saturation High
    • Saturation Low

     6 Local Adjustment Brushes (Lightroom Only)

    • Enhance Sky & Clouds
    • Enhance Land & Shadows
    • Brighten Shadows
    • Warm & Saturated
    • Neutral & Cool
    • Enhance Texture


    A big shout out to our featured photographers Iza Lyson and Chaowarin Hadchiang!


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