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Luxe First Years Baby & Newborn Presets LR/ACR

Please note: ACR presets work in Adobe Camera Raw. They are not Photoshop actions. For those, shop our collection of Photoshop actions.

This collection is compatible with the paid and free versions of the Lightroom CC mobile app for iOS or Android!

Luxe First years Baby & Newborns Lightroom or Photoshop (ACR) Presets 

Introducing an all new mega set exclusively designed for newborns & babies! This collection of 28 presets, 54 tools, & 29 local adjustment brushes was designed to dramatically cut down your workflow time so that you can instead focus on capturing those special newborn, infant, & toddler moments. This collection brightens images & enhances details, while protecting & softening delicate skin. Babies are a handful, but photography sessions with them need not be!

About this collection:

  • 28 baby & newborn general presets
  • 54 baby & newborn tool presets 
  • 29 local adjustment brushes (LR 5, 6 & Classic CC only)
  • Compatible with Lightroom 5, 6, Classic CC, & CC desktop; Photoshop CS 6 & CC
  • Choose from XMP, LRT, or DNG presets. DNG presets do not include tool or layer presets. See instructions after purchase for more information.
  • Works on RAW & JPEG images
  • Instant download
Newborn Presets and Baby Presets for Lightroom and ACR

    28 Newborn Lightroom Presets

    • Baby Blue - Airy & bright; raised-tone curve with faded shadows, soft pastel colors, cool highlights, & slightly warm shadows
    • Baby Boost -A soft look, but with a nice boost to contrast, sharpening, & vibrance
    • Baby Soft - General enhancement, with added softness to details & colors
    • Black & White Film -A deep, contrasty, black & white film tone with high grain
    • Black & White Sleep - Deep contrast & softened black & white
    • Black & White Soft -A light & airy black & white tone with lifted shadows & reduced highlights
    • Black & White Soft Sepia -Similar to the previous preset, but with rich sepia toning added
    • Black & White Teal & Gold -A soft black & white look with teal highlights & golden shadows
    • Calm - Soft, high dynamic range, deep & slightly warm shadows, skin protection, & vignette
    • Delicate Film -An airy film tone with warming highlights & soft purples in the shadows
    • Dreams -Contrasted shadows & highlights, but reduced clarity for softening skin & a slightly dreamy feel
    • Dynamics Boosted -A clean look with light contrast boost & cooled tones
    • Feather - Bright, low contrast, soft, with significantly raised blacks; Slight split-toning with skin tone protection
    • Love - Punchy with yellow/aqua split-toning, deep shadows, high contrast, deep blacks, & skin protection
    • Maternity - Shares similarities with Baby Blue, but more vibrant & saturated with a slight violet color cast
    • Memories - Strong fade, muted tones, strong color cast, & vignette
    • Newborn Basic - Good starting point for basic newborn portraits; adds contrast, color, & dynamic range
    • Peaches -Peach skin tones & a boost to saturation, with reduced clarity for softening skin
    • Peaches Filmy -Similar to the Peaches preset, but with an even softer, filmy feel
    • Quiet – Desaturation & muting, with a brown-tinted overcast & skin protection
    • Sharp & Clean- Clean, with cool overtones & sharpening for pop
    • Simply Soft -Reduced contrast & clarity for softness with warming overtones
    • Sleep – Deep contrast, softness, & skin tone protection
    • Soft Tan -Shadows heavily lifted & highlights heavily dropped, giving a very soft tone, with boosted saturation & an overall tan color cast
    • Studio Session - Vibrant, but desaturated; slightly soft, slight blue reduction, lowered mid-tone reds, a touch of violet added to the shadows, & slight warmth to the highlights
    • Super Sweet – Soft with lowered clarity, bright shadows, softened colors, a slight orange cast, lowered sharpening, & the slightest white vignette
    • Velvet Film -Pushed shadows with an airy haze added on top, purple overtones & a slight sharpening to pop
    • Warm & Bright – A happy & warm preset with a warm color cast & brightening

    54 Tool Presets:

    Baby Soft (4), Bokeh (4), Clarity (5), Contrast (5), Curve Linear (reset), Curve Contrast (2), Frames (3), Grain (3), Highlights (3), Noise (3), Saturation (3), Shadows (5), Sharpen (3), Tone Cool, Tone Cool & Warm, Tone Green & Red, Tone Reset, Tone Violet, Tone Warmth, Tone Yellow & Magenta, Vignette (4).

    29 Local Adjustment Brushes (Lightroom only):

    Bokeh blur (2), bokeh light (2), burn (3), contrast (4), (3), (3), iris booster, milky skin, pink skin, props & texture, saturation (3), sharpen (2), skin brightness, skin softener heavy, skin softener light.


    A big shout out to our featured photographers Kristin Pawloski, Luka MD'Ann Boal, & Iain Waterston!

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