Brixton Film

Bold & Vibrant — Brixton Film Lightroom & Photoshop Presets

Chroma shifts and contrasts designed for a color-saturated, modern twist on classic film. This collection comes with 23 Bold & Vibrant presets, along with the Brixton tool and brush collection, which includes 8 layer presets, 62 tool presets, and 33 local adjustment brushes.

This collection is compatible with the paid and free versions of the Lightroom CC mobile app for iOS or Android!

Bold & Vibrant — Brixton Film Lightroom & Photoshop Presets

About this collection:

  • 23 bold and vibrant general presets 
  • The Brixton Film Tool Kit (included with all Brixton Film collections): 8 layer presets + 62 tool presets 
  • The Brixton Brush Kit (included with all Brixton Film collections): 33 local adjustment brushes (LR 5, 6, & Classic CC only)
  • Compatible with Lightroom 5, 6, Classic CC, & CC desktop or mobile; Photoshop CS 6 & CC
  • Choose from XMP, LRT, or DNG presets. DNG presets do not include tool or layer presets. See instructions after purchase for more information.
  • Works with RAW & JPEG
  • Instant download 
Brixton Film Bold & Vibrant Lightroom & Photoshop Presets


23 Presets

  • Apricot - A medium boost to overall contrast with a color pop of warm saturation
  • Boost & Punch - Desaturated colors, deep contrast, and popped highlights
  • Candy Sweet –Saturated, colorful, high contrast, and very clean; no noise
  • Chenille -Pinkish warmth overall, with a slight boost in contrast and in highlights
  • Cool Air -A drop to the shadows, a pop to the highlights, and a hint of cool within the mids
  • Eden -Desaturated colors with a very light overlay of warm pinks
  • Fall Memories -A rich and filmy tone with boosted contrast, reds in the shadows, and cool highlights
  • Lifted Spirits –Softened and boosted colors, warm shadows, and poppy warm highlights

  • Modern Push –A modern look with enhanced contrast, color, dynamic range, and sharpness; color rendering and saturation

  • Pacific Sunlight -A rich California warm look, with deepened shadows, and slightly lifted highlights

  • Pastel Pallet -A filmy pastel tone, with soft peachy overlays and an overall softness

  • Peach Boost -Rich peach & pink hues over contrasty tones

  • Pixie Pop -Clean and natural coloring with heavily moody contrasts 

  • Plush -Poppy colors with warm overtones and boosted contrast

  • Rich Earth -A desaturated filmy color tone with a strong matte look; warm rich greens, deep blues and dark rich reds, with raised clarity

  • Rose Gold -Warm rose overcast with warm shadows and boosted highlights

  • Rosewood -Very rich contrast, boosted overall saturation, reduced yellows and greens

  • Santa Cruz Warm –Deep red shadows, slight vignette, and muted tones; desaturated reds, yellows, oranges, and greens

  • Soft Wash -A boosted metallic look, with desaturated tones and slight sharpening

  • Summer Dreams -Punch and fade, with earthy shadows, warm highlights, and bright mid-tones

  • Vibrant Film -High contrast, bright, and saturated, with deep shadows

  • Wanderlust –Enhanced green tones, boosted color, and slightly lifted shadows

  • Warm Cotton -Moody red shadows and mids with desaturated greens and earthy overlays

Plus, all Brixton Film collections come with the Brixton Film Tool & Brush Kit:

8 Layer Presets  



  • Boost, Cool [Counter Yellow], Neutralize, Reset Layers, Sharp [Counter Soft - Low Contrast], Soft [Counter Contrast – Clarity], Violet [Counter Green], Warm [Counter Blue – Cold]

62 Tool Presets

  • Clarity -, Clarity --, Clarity ---, Clarity +, Clarity ++, Clarity +++, Clarity 0, Contrast -, Contrast --, Contrast ---, Contrast +, Contrast ++, Contrast +++, Contrast 0, Curve Fade +, Curve Fade ++, Curve Wash, Dyamic Range+, Dynamic Range ++, Exposure -, Exposure --, Exposure ---, Exposure +, Exposure ++, Exposure +++, Exposure 0, Grain +, Grain ++, Grain 0, Highlights -, Highlights +, Highlights 0, Noise -, Noise --, Noise 0, Saturation -, Saturation --, Saturation ---, Saturation +, Saturation ++, Saturation +++, Saturation 0, Shadows -, Shadows +, Shadows 0, Sharpening +, Sharpening ++, Sharpening +++, Sharpening 0, Soften +, Soften 0, Soften Details, Split Tone Blue-Green, Split Tone Green-Green, Split Tone Green Red, Split Tone Yellow Blue, Split Tone Reset, Tone Warm, Tone Cool, Vignette +, Vignette ++, Vignette 0

33 Local Adjustment Brushes

  • Black & White, Blackout, Boost, Burn, Burn +, Burn +++, Clarity +, Contrast -, Contrast +, Contrast & Saturate, Cool, Desaturate +, Desaturate ++, Desaturate +++, Details +, Details ++, Dodge +, Dodge ++, Eye Whitener, Highlights + Iris Enhancer, Lips Enhancer, Reduce Green Color Cast, Saturation -, Saturation +, Shadows +, Sharpen -, Sharpen +, Soften Skin, Teeth Whitener, Warm, Wash, Whiteout 

A big shout out to our featured photographers Breezy Photography, Jodi Lynn Photography, Mat & Ash Photography, Olivia Markle, Fire & Ice Productions, Shelly Reis, and Stephanie Jones!

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