Introducing The 60-Day Challenge Winners

Introducing The 60-Day Challenge Winners

A big thank you to everyone who joined us for the 60-day photo challenge and congratulations to our winners!

  • Suzy Moore – overall winner
  • Maike Simon – runner-up
  • Brandi Fountain – most improved
  • Ty Bru – most improved

Each of the winners received $50 gift certificates to B&H Photography. Way to go!

The 60-day challenge was an 8-week program designed to provide online photography training through 8 photo challenges. Participants received weekly guidance, tips, and tricks, weekly personalized feedback on their photo submissions from experts, 40 free presets, a 50% discount code, and were eligible to receive prizes.

While we don’t plan to run another live 60-day challenge this year, we will soon introduce a challenge package that incorporates all training, expert suggestions, presets, and discounts that were available for the 60-day challenge. 

In the meantime, meet our winners!

SUZY MOORE, winner.

"The Luxe 60-day challenge was such an enriching experience. The different categories and supportive material from Luxe pushed me to explore photographic styles I would not ordinarily attempt and I feel I have grown as a photographer because it it. I love presets for giving the final touches to my own editing. The Luxe portrait presets 'Add drama' and 'Grunge' are my particular favourites. Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate". -Suzy


 MAIKE SIMON, runner-up

"Thank you for your efforts in this challenge. It was fun to participate!!
I love using presets! Especially when they are a mix of dark and moody, light and warm tones.My favorite presets are those who create a low contrast with warm and golden brown tones. Check out my instagram page @dwarsedingen". -Maike


TY BRU, most improved

"I used presets in about half of my submissions. The ones I did use made such a difference and so quick, they saved lots of time! and in this profession, that's always a win"! - Ty


BRANDI FOUNTAIN, most improved

 "I loved using presets! It's not something I was used to doing but they are simple and beautiful! The challenge was a great learning experience"! -Brandi